The Guinness World Record was established at the Gingerbreadman bar in Carlisle Pennsylvania (near Dickinson University and the Carlisle War College) where Petrosino was working as a bartender while attending post-graduate school at Penn State University. Petrosino was 25 years old at the time. Time Keepers used three digital watches which had just become commercially available in the United States in early 1977 and cost over $125 each. The time keepers were: Michael A. Barber, Joseph Casserta, and Leo Sweeney. Leo was a representative for Guinness, Ltd. Times of the three timekeepers were averaged to arrive at the official time reported to Guinness.The record was established for 1/4 liter (0.137 seconds), 1/2 liter (0.4 seconds), and 1 liter of beer (1.3 seconds), but only the 1 liter record was published by Guinness.The record remained undefeated, and was retired as an undefeated record when Guinness removed all alcohol consumption records from their record book in 1991.